(after being ordered to fight and defy the Sun)

Gunner Graham: But the Sun isn’t an anatomical entity, it’s an inanimate object. How can we possibly fight it, Sergeant-Major?

Sergeant-Major Williams: How can we possibly fight it, Sergeant-Major? Let me tell you, Gunner La-De-Dah Graham, the British Army can fight anything! Intimate or not!

Something a little older now, and very dated too – a bit un-PC for today’s audiences, but at the time it was a very popular show.  This unlikely hit program even had a No.1 hit in the pop charts for two of its cast, Windsor Davies and Don Estelle, with “Whispering Grass

It Ain't Half Hot Mum

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum was a sitcom based in India 1944, and was based around the Royal Artillery Concert Party who perpetually try to avoid going in to action by performing for the troops with their brand of camp entertainment!