Who do you think you are kidding

Don’t tell him Pike

A true “British” comedy program, one that could only ever be created in this country.  Dads Army was based in the Second World War, with a bunch of mostly geriatric men making up the Home Guard; a group of volunteers whose task was to help defend the country from invasion.

Dads Army

Like so many great comedy lines, it is the lead up to the killer punchline that really sets the scene and maximises the humor from a few simple words.  The full quote comes from season 6’s episode “The Deadly Attachment”, and you will see why the above is so funny:

German U-boat Captain: I am making notes, Captain, and your name will go on the list; and when we win the war you will be brought to account.

Captain Mainwaring: You can write what you like, You’re not going to win the war!

U-boat Captain: Oh yes we are.

Mainwaring: Oh no you’re not.

U-boat Captain: Oh yes we are!

Pvt. Pike: [Singing] Whistle while you work, Hitler is a twerp, he’s half-barmy, so’s his army, whistle while you work!

U-boat Captain: Your name will also go on the list! What is it?

Mainwaring: Don’t tell him Pike!

U-boat Captain: Pike!