Feline frolics

If my pussy isn’t attended to by eight, she needs a right stroking all night!

One final quote from Are you Being Served.  Mrs Slocombe was famous for one thing and that was her … cat (a.k.a. pussy).  So many innuendos were in Are You Being Served from many of the characters, it is Mrs Slocombe’s regular referral to her…cat, that is most fondly remembered (or should it be fondling…)

Mrs Slocombe

Mrs Slocombe was head of the ladies’ department and was as well-known for her changing hair colour as well as conversations about her… cat


A fresh serving of fruit

MRS. SLOCOMBE: Well, you are what you eat.
MR. LUCAS: How long have you been eating sour grapes and ugli fruit?

Very cutting.  Another quick-witted reply from the young Mr Lucas in Are You Being Served.

Are You Being Served

Such was the success of the program, one film was released using the same characters and cast; the fictional Costa Plonka was the resort; where else could it have been?


And I am unanimous in this!

MRS. SLOCOMBE: That’s how I met my husband, during an air raid. The bombs were raining down and I saw his face lit by an incendiary. He threw me on my face and said, look out, here comes a big one!
MR. LUCAS: I suppose there wasn’t much time for chatting in those days.

Ha ha!  Another double entendre from this classic British comedy, first making its TV appearance in the 1970’s

Are You Being Served

Mr Lucas, who was regularly put down by the more senior members of staff, was young, penniless, womanising junior salesman.  He usually had some witty retort, as shown above.

And the title of this post… one of Mrs Slocombe’s many infamous quotes.



I had just bent down to tighten my nuts, and there was a double yellow line, see? And next thing I knew, there was policeman behind me. He put a sticker on my helmet and tried to clamp me.

Fondly remembered, this sitcom was full of sexual innuendo and easy to identify characters.  Set in Grace Brothers, a fictional London department store, Are You Being Served lasted for 69 episodes over 10 years.

Mr Humphries

The show is remembered for its prolific use of double entendres with the base of the series making fun of the British class system.  The above quote from the “camp” Mr Humphries was arrived at whilst he was discussing having to hang onto backs of buses and skateboard to Grace Brothers to save money.


Ooooh Rrrrenéééé

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.

Sometimes a quote forever is linked with a program or person, and this one falls 100% into this category.

Michèlle Dubois

Allo Allo, a sitcom based in World War II occupied France, explores the relationship a local café owner has with, well, virtually everyone.  From the 2 waitresses, the camp German officer and Michelle of the resistance, from which this immortal quote was uttered in virtually every episode.