What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

I’m not being condescending, I’m too busy thinking about far more important things you wouldn’t understand.

Yes, we meet again Mr Jimmy Carr.  He of the dead-pad delivery, sharp, witty and intelligent comedy.

Jimmy Carr

His jokes can be a tad shocking, intentionally harmful it seems; challenging you could say, leaving you feeling a little ashamed or embarrassed

And the title of this post?   He said his father always used to say this, ’til the accident…


It’s the way I tell ’em!

A fella said to the doctor: “What’s the good news?”

“You’ve got 24 hours to live.”

He says: “What’s the bad news?”

And the doc says: “We should have told you yesterday”.

Hee hee – another brilliant joke from the master of the gag, Frank Carson

Frank Carson

Much of Frank’s quick-witted humor was self-deprecating, being about the Irish (of which he was) and about his marriage/wife, however, none of his comedy was  dirty or obscene.


It’s a cracker!

An Irishman’s wife gave birth to twins. Her husband demanded to know who the other man was.

How could we let today pass without mention of the late great Frank Carson, who sadly passed away today

Frank Carson

A Northern Ireland comedian, Frank started his career as a stand-up club comedian before making inroads into the TV scene, where he had many successes – one of his first was the hit talent show Opportunity Knocks which he won three times.

May he rest in peace


One size does not fit all!

The other day I weighed my breasts to see how much they’d cost to post. Too heavy for 2nd class if you get what I mean…

Right up to date now with the 2011 Best TV Comedy Actress – Miranda Hart (aka just “Miranda”)

Miranda Hart

A very talented (and very popular) comedienne, writer and actress, Miranda is the talk of the town at the moment with her TV series.   She earned her reputation as a comedian from her stand-up and sketch shows at the Edinburgh Festival and on the London circuit.


A different Brand of comedy

Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.

Not so much a quip, more of a quote with comic aspirations, and very much a real observation attributable to many people, I suspect.

Jo Brand

Jo Brand is a BAFTA winning British comedienne, writer, and actress, majoring on observational comedy.  Like several others, her style is dead pan and down beat, but this still has large appeal to the public.  Much of her humour is self-deprecating, which may be a reason for her success.  She won the 2011 Best TV Comedy Actress BAFTA award for her BBC Four sitcom Getting On.


Three lions on a shirt

That’s the thing about your destiny how are you supposed to know when it arrives? How are you supposed to recognise it from random life?

Something a bit more contemporary this time, from a popular stand-up comedian,famed for his satirical and observational comedy

David Baddiel

David Baddiel became a stand-up comedian after leaving university in teh late 80’s.  Since then he has played significant contributions to “The Mary Whitehouse Experience” (which first started on radio), “Newman and Baddiel in Pieces”, “Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned” and “Baddiel’s Syndrome”

The title of this post relates to the hit single he had with Frank Skinner for the Euro 96 football tournament


As a comedian, I’ve died many deaths

I’m not saying my wife’s a bad cook, but she uses a smoke alarm as a timer.

Ha ha – yes, another quip from a true master of the ad-lib

Bob Monkhouse

On 12 June 2007, Monkhouse posthumously appeared on a British TV advertisement promoting awareness of prostate cancer for Male Cancer Awareness Week.  He talking about the disease seriously, interspersed with humorous asides such as “What killed me kills one man per hour in Britain. That’s even more than my wife’s cooking” – a true master of comedy if ever there was one.

The title of this post came from the prostate cancer advert


More from the Full House

My wife said: “Can my mother come down for the weekend?” So I said “Why?” and she said “Well, she’s been up on the roof two weeks already”.

Back to some good old gags now from one of the best in the business, Bob Monkhouse

Bob Monkhouse was a respected stand-up comedian and especially known for his talent at ad-lib and TV shows.   He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement for Comedy honour in 1995 and was voted one of the top 50 comedy acts in 2005.


A big fat quiz

I saw a charity appeal in the Guardian the other day, and it read “Little Zuki has to walk 13 miles a day just to fetch water”. And I couldn’t help thinking, she should move.

Something slightly different now, with a current comedian specialising in a more sombre humour with a deadpan delivery.

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr seems to appear everywhere at the moment; both TV and radio.  His style of comedy, of which there are many examples (some we will see more of in this blog no doubt), are similar to the quote above – a pretty ordinary observation or comment with a sharp witty comment appended that takes just a second to hit home.  Very clever and quite an endearing comedy style.


Stop messing about!

It’s frightening to think with modern medicine and all the technique available to them…they can’t really help you.  In the old days, you know, you were better off because nowadays they are all specialists.  Everyone’s becoming better and better at less and less.  Eventually someone’s going to be superb….at nothing

This great comic actor and comedian may be best remembered for the Carry on films that he starred in, but this was far from his only accomplishment

Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams also played a part in many radio and TV shows, including Just a Minute and Hancock’s Half Hour, however, this only came about as he did not achieve what he really wanted to be … a dramatic actor.

The title of the post is one of William’s famous sayings.