Welcome to UK Comedy Quotes, a web site totally and unashamedly dedicated to all things good about UK comedy.  Over the coming weeks, and perhaps months, we will track down as much great British comedy and relate it here for your amusement.

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast

Like all good things, the idea for this site came about with 2 guys talking down the pub.  Many a good evening was had reliving some of our favourite lines from Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Tommy Cooper and so on.

This then progressed into trying to drop in as many comedy quotes into work meetings and casual conversations, then relating the relative success or failure of such tasks when we next went down the pub.  One particular favourite that will live long in my memory was explaining to a secretary why I was not wearing any underwear (“because the pants haven’t been built yet to take the job on – woof woof!”)

We then realised the there seemed to be a never ending source for our entertainment; even lesser known and perhaps forgotten quips seemed fresh and possible amunition for our continued entertainment.

“I thank you”

We hope you like this site and that it brings a smile to your face, or perhaps a brief chuckle.  Please feel free to follow and like anything that tickles your fancy “Oo-er missus!”



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